Wednesday, October 24, 2007

monday 22nd october

we started metalwork this morning in the Fas workshops. we got started by getting to know different tools and we were shown how to salder two pieces of metal together.
we cut off two pieces of a copper pipe. we made one end of the copper pipe expand so the other end would fit in. we put flax on it to hold it together and put it in a vice. i used a blow torch to heat it and leave it cool. i repeated this a number of times for practice.
we also silver saldered which is the same just using silver salder and you don't need flax. the copper turns red hot and you have to leave it cool as before.

Friday, October 12, 2007

thursday 11th october

everyone was trying to get pieces finished today as we were being assessed. i started with the 2 main pieces of wood for the CD holder. they had to be measured and sawed to size i also repeated one of my earlier pieces as it was not accurate. i finished up and we will be returning to the workshops in 4 weeks time.

monday 8th october

another assessment started today. garry and tony chatted to us about more health and safty .... because there was an acident in the class!!! :o)
we were then given a plan to make a cd holder. we got 4 identical pieces of wood and measured out the pieces to the correct measurements. most of the work involved manual handeling rather then using the machines! i sawed the piece and used the morticer and got the two stands made for the cd rack.

thursday 4th october

pressure was on as all the pieces had to be finished. i used my tome well and thought i would get each piece finished........ but i had to tidy my pieces up using different instruments including the sharp CHISELS!!!!! i had to finish my pieces a half hour early for a trip to the hospital for 6stiches!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

monday 1st october

we started our first assestment which is making 3clamps. we were shown the clamps already made by Garry. we were each given the pieces we needed and shown how to use the drill, mortoicer and ban saw!! i started by marking out each piece and followed the measurements from the examples and the photocopy sheet. i got measuresd, drilled and used the morticer on all my pieces on monday.